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  • Strong Inventory Support

    Our company has self-built warehouse more that 20,000 ㎡, with sufficient inventory and the capacity to re-manufacture 5,000 units high standard copiers, which could guarantee steady supply of machines.

  • Strict Quality Control

    Excellent equipment is an important factor to create excellent quality. We design and improve a complete set of production process such as disassembly, cleaning, maintenance, debugging, testing, packaging, warehousing, accordance with the principle of "quality first". We have well-chosen overseas suppliers, strictly check on every step of production, which could assure the high standard product quality.

  • Network Service System

    Established a standard franchise mechanism and continued to provide training and technical support to franchisees. Through continuous development, it's already cover most of the country, so that the factory equipment has no worries in subsequent use, and also allows customers to enjoy a more comprehensive, worry-free, high-quality and efficient service experience.

  • Professional Technical Training

    The company has established a complete dealer training system. Through regular professional training meetings for dealers across the country, the on-site industry senior engineers provide comprehensive training and guidance to enhance the dealer's professional knowledge and service awareness. In terms of service quality and requirements for end customers, the after-sales technical team will also provide online 24-hour intimate services for dealers, gradually forming a one-stop service system.

  • Stable Supply System

    The company has more than 60 acres of self-built remanufacturing factory, supported by sales data of 100,000 units per year. On the one hand: it can achieve spare parts protection. In the context of big data, A customers need A parts, B customers need B parts, which can ensure the maximum value of the machine being dismantled while ensuring the supply of spare parts at any time on the factory machine; On the other hand: Compatible consumables are more stable and closer to equipment needs. By establishing an effective feedback, optimization, and upgrade mechanism with the consumables factory, we will continue to optimize and improve the products by understanding the characteristics of the machines and the consumables, and testing on thousands of copiers, which could meet the demands of different kinds and regions' customers.

  • Refinement Production

    Through the establishment of a standard 6S management system, the workshop has formed a large-scale, standardized and specialized production model, formulated a more scientific production process, clarified the screening, replacement and cleaning standards for spare parts, and strictly controlled the production process. In the process, the quality control nodes are set in multiple links, using professional equipment to do special processing of spare parts, which largely guarantees the quality and stability of the products.

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