Hunan Zhijian Copier Remanufacturing Co., Ltd.

Strong talent and technical strength

The company has more than 200 professional engineers, has a vibrant and skilled R & D and testing technical team, and more than 70% have a bachelor's degree or above and related software and hardware engineer technical titles. Respecting the humanistic feelings of "people-oriented", everyone in the past, present and future is full of gratitude to give back to the company and inject solid strength into the development of the company.

Participate in major exhibitions and provide printing services for the G20 summit.

Every copier remanufactured by Hunan Zhijian will be affixed with a unique management number, which can be easily traced back to a complete production history such as every process, operator, and part replacement in their production process. It is precisely with a rigorous attitude and scientific management that the photocopiers produced here have been successively used by the 2nd Shanghai International Import Expo, the 7th World Military Games, the 2019 Hangzhou G20 Summit, the Xiamen BRICS Summit, and the Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation Adopted in international conferences such as the Organization Summit to provide professional printing services for Chinese and foreign participants. In the past four years, he has participated in many large-scale international exhibitions such as 2016/2018/2019 China (Zhuhai) International Printing Consumables Exhibition, Guangzhou Digital Printing Graphic Express Exhibition, Dubai PAPER WORLD Exhibition, Russia Consumables Exhibition, etc.

Hunan Zhijian Copier Remanufacturing Co., Ltd.
Hunan Zhijian Copier Remanufacturing Co., Ltd.

Long-term and stable export trade cooperation

While expanding and strengthening the domestic market, since the first half of 2017, the company has invested special budget funds in technology and docking in foreign markets, sending a total of 18 visits in the form of exhibitions, business visits and business negotiations. the countries visited include the United States, Europe, Russia and more than 20 countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Up to now, Zhijian remanufactured products have been delivered to more than 70 countries on five continents, and have established long-term friendly cooperative relations with hundreds of customers. It provides a good guarantee for our stable export trade.