Heavy! Research Symposium on Import Remanufacturing Business Development Held in Zhijian

On the morning of April 14, a research symposium on the development of imported photocopier remanufacturing business was held in Zhijian Company. The meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the supervision of import remanufacturing business, problems in business development, and the symbiotic relationship between remanufacturing and the cultural and printing industry, and put forward a series of opinions and suggestions to guide and support the development of remanufacturing business and the cultural and printing industry. Confidence in enterprise development. The meeting was presided over by Zhou Bo, deputy director of Xingsha Customs, and led by Lou Liangjin, a second-level inspector of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce. (Lou Liangjin Class II Inspector delivered a speech) The second-level inspector of Lou Liangjin pointed out that imported remanufactured photocopiers account for more than 90% of the printing equipment in the national cultural and printing shops. They are reducing the national cultural and printing consumer prices, lowering the physical investment threshold for cultural and printing shops, expanding employment, and cultivating domestic general consumables. The accessories industry and other aspects have great value of "four or two allocations. In the current situation of absolute lack of national brands, import remanufacturing is still the foundation for the development of 100 billion new chemical printing industry. Governments at all levels and relevant departments should stand at the height of 100 billion industrial development, stabilize the employment of 1 million people and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, so as to provide support for business development. The second-level inspector of Lou Liangjin expressed his gratitude to Changsha Customs for its long-term support for the development of the printing industry. (Deputy Commissioner Zhou Bo delivered a speech) Deputy Commissioner Zhou Bo introduced the policy background of import remanufacturing business and the basic situation of remanufacturing business supervision and service work within his jurisdiction, and organized discussions on solving some specific problems in business supervision. Deputy Commissioner Zhou Bo said that as the basic industry of the 100 billion new chemical printing industry, Changsha Customs has always attached great importance to supporting and guiding the healthy and orderly development of the business. Changsha Customs will adopt appropriate methods to objectively reflect the opinions of local governments in supporting industrial development and the demands of enterprises, and actively cooperate with local governments to support and serve industrial development on the basis of compliance with laws and regulations. Responsible persons and relevant comrades of the processing Trade Department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, the system Innovation Department of the Free Trade Zone, the Loudi Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and the Investment Promotion and Cooperation Bureau of Changsha Economic Development Zone attended the forum.





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