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"Do not forget the beginning of the heart" - management team from Copitek Jinggangshan ‘Red Journey’ ended successfully

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   Corporate culture is the soul of the company, and the management team is the core strength to maintain the company's sustainable development. In order to let the team know more about the essence of the company's corporate culture, feel the spirit of the Red Army and the hard work of the revolutionary predecessors, and comprehensively enhance the management team's sense of mission and responsibility to the company, July 20-21, 2019, for a period of time Two days and one night, the red group building activity of 'not forgetting the beginning of the heart, squatting forward' was held in the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base in Jiangxi. ”

Looking at the sculpture of the main torch of Jinggangshan

Relive red memory, cast faith

   On the afternoon of the 20th, nearly 50 middle and high-level management of Changsha headquarters arrived at the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Holy Land. Under the leadership of General Manager Zou Yong, the team began to revisit the red memory: paying tribute to the revolutionary martyrs cemetery, offering wreaths, listening to revolutionary stories, and remembering the revolutionary martyrs. The scene is solemn and serious, and the story is profound and moving, inspiring people at the venue.

   In the afternoon, because the way of visiting the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum, we fully understand the history of the Jinggangshan struggle. In the form of situational teaching, everyone once again experienced the revolutionary spirit of the Chinese workers and peasants in the early days of the founding of the Red Army and the bloody struggle; it triggered a deep resonance between the hardships and twists and turns in the process of starting, establishing and developing the enterprise, and created a fearless Difficult struggle beliefs.



Understanding the Spirit of the Red Army and Moving Forward Together

  Touchable Jinggangshan, walking history. Seventy minutes, one prologue and five chapters. In the evening, the large-scale live performance Jinggangshan was grandly performed in the new urban area of Jinggangshan. With magnificent momentum, vivid scenes and huge lineup, through the passionate performances of more than 600 children of Jinggangshan, all of you present here are in the scene. It is amazing to experience the blood and fire years of Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base 90 years ago.


Experiential training: three bays adaptation

   On the morning of the 21st, everyone gathered at the Red Camp training base early and formally accepted the experiential training "Three Bays Adaptation". Under the guidance of the instructors, a general headquarters Committee was set up quickly. The Red Fourth Army and the Red Five Armies were set up. Teachers, heavy troops and health teams were selected. The functional departments reviewed, flagged and sworn in separately.

   Through reorganization and integration, with General Manager Zou Yong and Vice General Manager Cai Wuzhou as the leaders, respectively as party representatives and political committees, Ren Qing Anyuan and Li Jifen as the commanders of the Fourth and Fifth Red Armies, each Corps is equipped with personnel such as teaching, logistics, health, cooking, field propaganda, security and so on. First, Party representatives read out team discipline and mobilized them before training. Each team competed for team culture construction.

Red Challenge 1: Team Red Experience

   The weather in Jinggangshan can be said to be a clear sky and a sudden storm. In the torrential rain, strict discipline, firm military posture and loud military songs fully show the tough and passionate spirit of Zhijian people.


     Upright posture                                                  Singing the Military Song


  Near noon, through the implementation of their own hands-on, plentiful food and clothing ideas. In the prescribed time, the team successfully completed the task of finding supplies and ensuring the whole staff's meals. In the process, we have excavated a lot of Red Army history and experienced the precious spirit of Jinggangshan.



Decrypt the enemy code:Training team members'analytical ability, communication and assistance ability, seeking common ground while reserving differences, building a general outlook, and maximizing team and personal value in front of the task.


Simulated the swamp:By defining the unified goal, dividing the work rationally, we can cultivate the team centripetal force, cohesion and cooperation consciousness.


Red Challenge 2: Team Culture Program


   Learn the barrel effect, consider the endurance of the shortest board, but also integrate the characteristics of the longest board; in the team, we should learn to be willing to dedicate, forget ourselves, fully integrate into the team, twist into a rope. Through reasonable division of labor and full cooperation, a high-quality work can be produced.

   Finally, in everyone's laughter and laughter, the training is near the end. Through the construction of the League, the team has gained tremendous training and growth. The spirit of the Red Army not only inspires all of us, but also inspires us to be more firm in our beliefs, brave hardships, unite and do better in our future work.


Swearing ceremony

It is said that talent is the basis for achieving sustainable development of the company. Under the guidance of General Manager Zou Yong, Zhijian started from the training of talents, and strived to cultivate a group of management ability, courage and conviction through the comprehensive cultivation and promotion of the management team's cohesiveness, centripetal force, professionalism and accomplishment. Wenyin Iron Army. This is the best opportunity for employees to break through and gain growth. It is also an important guarantee for the company to achieve rapid development under the new situation. After the formation of the group, the soul of the group has been deeply engraved in the hearts of every outstanding employee. In the future, we hope to take the spirit of the Red Army and not forget the initial heart. We also welcome more outstanding partners to join us, and grow and prosper together with the company in a broader world!

"Do not forget the beginning of the heart" - management team from Copitek Jinggangshan ‘Red Journey’ ended successfully