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[Ricoh Pro C7200/7210S]]


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Carton configuration: the host standard, optional server/pager/large paper box
Print size: 100 × 139.7-330.2 × 487.7mm, long paper 700mm
Paper weight: 52.3-360gsm
Memory/Hard Drive: Server Configuration
Monthly load: 65/800000
Warm-up time: 300 seconds
First output time: 11 seconds
Printing speed: 85/95 pages/min
Print resolution: 2400 x 4800dpi
Scanning speed: double scanning 220 surface/min
Up to 85 pages/minute continuous printing (Pro C7210X up to 95 pages/minute continuous printing) can load up to 16,200 sheets of paper to support professional high-load printing job requirements.
Wide range of paper adaptability, supporting printing up to 360gsm paper weight and 1260mm length on one side.
Advanced toner delivery technology enables perfect printing on textured media. 2,400dpi * 4,800dpi high resolution, using its innovative laser technology (VCSEL), combined with the new toner technology, to achieve precise, professional, smooth image quality, to ensure consistent printing results.
Thanks to the liquid cooling system and air-assisted heat dissipation, the engine temperature is maintained at an appropriate level, making continuous long-term stable operation possible. Both 360gsm thick paper and 52gsm thin paper printing will not slow down.

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