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[Xerox C2260/2265]]


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Office models

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Color copier

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Large image and text equipment

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Product Description

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Machine model: Xerox 2260/2265 Color Type: Color Laser Copier
Print Resolution: 2260:600*600/2265:1200*2400dpi Copy resolution: 600*600
Scanning resolution: 600*600 Monthly load: about 50,000
Memory capacity: 2260:1GB/2265:4GB Hard disk capacity: 2260:40G/2265:160G
Paper Type: Paper thickness: 64-256g
Paper size: 89*98-297*432mm Carton capacity: 1000 sheets
print port: network interface Machine voltage: 220V
Packing gross weight: Machine net weight: about 114g (excluding toner)
Machine size: 585*640*1132mm (width, depth and height) Packing size:
Operation panel: Chinese operation panel Print Language: PCL
Home copy time: color: 8.1 seconds/black and white: 6.5 seconds Warm-up time: 36 seconds or less

speed correlation

Specific model Print speed (black and white) Print speed (color) Copy speed Scan speed (black and white) Scan speed (color)
2260 20/min 20/min Same as print speed 55/min 55/min
2265 25/min 25/min Same as print speed 55/min 55/min

Business reviews: 1. New four-generation machines;

2. Easy to use, simple structure, cheap, stable and powerful;

3. The speed of 20 sheets/minute is suitable for office customers and rental market. The price of the new machine is about 20000 yuan;

4. Lease, 400 yuan/month, half a year back

Applicable customers: small and medium-sized graphic shops, office equipment leasing, graphic equipment dealer leasing preferred

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