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The Steps of Replacing Clean Paper and Modifying the speed of Clean paper motor in Ricoh High Speed Machine

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Replace the cleaning paper steps:

1、4 screws removed from the front plastic cover;

2、Remove two on the top and unplug the three lines;

3、The whole set of cleaning paper components is coming down;

4、Blue plastic fixed bearing on both sides, 2 screws unloaded;

5、Turn the blue bearing down and pull it out   ;

6、cleaning paper components and the blue bearing were taken out, the entire cleaning paper came down ;

7、Replacement before loading back.

Modify the rotational speed of cleaning paper motor:

1.Press 107C in turn, hold C for 8 seconds, and enter maintenance mode.

2.Input 1902#  

3.The second modification has a normal value of 15, and the higher the value, the slower the speed.  

Continuous printing volume is large, recommended to set to 8 to 10   

Continuous printing volume is small, recommended to set to 12 to 15

If there is still a large consumption of cleaning paper after speed regulation, please check the motor problem of cleaning paper.

Replace the cleaning paper steps:

1、4 screws removed from the front plastic cover;

2、Remove two on the top and unplug the three lines;

3、The whole set of cleaning paper components is coming down;

4、Blue plastic fixed bearing on both sides, 2 screws unloaded;

5、Turn the blue bearing down and pull it out   ;

6、cleaning paper components and the blue bearing were taken out, the entire cleaning paper came down ;

7、Replacement before loading back.


Modify the rotational speed of cleaning paper motor:

1.Press 107C in turn, hold C for 8 seconds, and enter maintenance mode.

2.Input 1902#  

3.The second modification has a normal value of 15, and the higher the value, the slower the speed.  

Continuous printing volume is large, recommended to set to 8 to 10   

Continuous printing volume is small, recommended to set to 12 to 15

If there is still a large consumption of cleaning paper after speed regulation, please check the motor problem of cleaning paper.

The Steps of Replacing Clean Paper and Modifying the speed of Clean paper motor in Ricoh High Speed Machine