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About the paper setting of Xerox Universal Drive

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Paper Type Setting of Xerox Fourth Generation Machine and Over

Xerox driver X-GPD_5.469.9.0_PS_x64 or X-GPD_5.469.9.0_PS_x32

Plain paper below 80g,

Plain Reload paper below 100g,

Heavyweight paper below 157g,

Heavyweight Reload paper below 200g,

Extra-heavyweight paper below 250g,

Extra-heavyweight Reload paper below 300g,

If it is glossy, choose the same type of glossy paper.

When printing, the computer needs to select the corresponding paper type to pass the paper correctly. Otherwise, paper jam or fuser fixing may not be stable.

Paper Type Setting of Xerox Fourth Generation Machine and Over

Xerox driver X-GPD_5.469.9.0_PS_x64 or X-GPD_5.469.9.0_PS_x32

Plain paper below 80g,

Plain Reload paper below 100g,

Heavyweight paper below 157g,

Heavyweight Reload paper below 200g,

Extra-heavyweight paper below 250g,

Extra-heavyweight Reload paper below 300g,

If it is glossy, choose the same type of glossy paper.

When printing, the computer needs to select the corresponding paper type to pass the paper correctly. Otherwise, paper jam or fuser fixing may not be stable.

About the paper setting of Xerox Universal Drive