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How to Set Energy Saving Time for Xerox 75 Series Copier

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Perform the following operations on the copier in sequence:

1.The top right corner of the screen: click on the guest

2.Account input: admin

3.Password input: 1111

4. Click the button on the left side of the panel: Machine Settings

5. Click on the screen to select: Tools

6. Click device settings

7. Click on the usual settings

8. Click on energy saving

9. Save after setting

Perform the following operations on the copier in sequence:

1.The top right corner of the screen: click on the guest

2.Account input: admin

3.Password input: 1111

4. Click the button on the left side of the panel: Machine Settings

5. Click on the screen to select: Tools

6. Click device settings

7. Click on the usual settings

8. Click on energy saving

9. Save after setting

How to Set Energy Saving Time for Xerox 75 Series Copier