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Xerox 7775/7535 for bottom ash removal

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Xerox 7775/7535 for bottom ash removal Method:Hold the 0 key for 15 seconds, then press the copy key at the same time, then enter the password 6789, then press the MACHINE key to find the first item of DC945, put 10 sheets of A3 paper on the glass (stacked next to the upper left corner) and cover it, press the START key to complete and press the last key to exit.

Suitable for Xerox 7775/Xerox 75 series (7535, 7545, 7556).

Xerox 7775/7535 for bottom ash removal Method:Hold the 0 key for 15 seconds, then press the copy key at the same time, then enter the password 6789, then press the MACHINE key to find the first item of DC945, put 10 sheets of A3 paper on the glass (stacked next to the upper left corner) and cover it, press the START key to complete and press the last key to exit.


Suitable for Xerox 7775/Xerox 75 series (7535, 7545, 7556).

Xerox 7775/7535 for bottom ash removal