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Xerox DC 700]


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Color copier

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Large image and text equipment

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Product Description

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Machine model: Xerox DC700 Color Type: Color Laser Copier
Print resolution: 2400*2400dpi Copy resolution: 2400*2400
Scanning resolution: 600*600 Monthly load: about one million
memory capacity: refer to Option Server hard drive capacity: reference optional server
Paper Type: Plain Paper, Coated Paper, Cardboard, Coated Paper, etc Paper thickness: 64-300g
Paper size: 100*148-330*488mm Body tray: 1500 sheets
print port: network interface Machine voltage: 220V
Packing gross weight: Machine net weight: about 400KG
Machine size: 1714*777*1372mm (width, depth and height) Packing size:
Operation panel: Chinese operation panel Print language: PCL, PS
Home copy time: Preheating time:

speed correlation

Specific model Print speed (black and white) Print speed (color) Copy speed Scan speed (black and white) Scan speed (color)
700 70/min 70/min Same as print speed 80/min 50/min

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