Xerox 75 series model "fuser system error" solution

Model: Xerox 7535/7545/7556 series Problem Description: Screen display "fuser system error"; Fault analysis: When a "fuser system error" occurs on a machine, there are usually the following situations: 1: motor failure. 2: the motor drive board failure. 3: MCU circuit board failure. 4: fuser failure (310-330). 5: external voltage fault. Solution: Firstly, check whether the voltage of the fuser matches the current voltage. 220V machine does not need transformer, 110V machine must use transformer, in addition, when the external voltage is unstable, it will also show "fuser system fault"; Secondly, when startup, it is necessary to distinguish whether the left fuser position is normal or not by sound. If there is no sound or abnormal sound, it is a motor fault. It is necessary to remove the fuser and rotate the gear on both sides of the fuser to determine whether the resistance is normal and whether the gear is damaged. If there is damage, it is necessary to replace or clean the gear, add gear oil and so on. The load is normal. If it is not damaged, it may be due to the larger rotational resistance of the fuser film, which needs to be removed for overall cleaning. Attention should be paid to light handling when cleaning. It is recommended to use glasses cloth and other cleaning methods. Alcohol can be used in moderation. Finally, the fuser is an important part of the machine, and it is recommended to be carried out under the guidance of professionals.


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